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As the world marches into the era of the IoT, wireless sensor networks, big data, robotics, and artificial intelligence will force the world to use a new form of energy to sustainably power billions of devices/sensors. The required energy source needs to be pervasive, mobile and different from the traditional power grid. My primary academic interests involve an integration of various experimental techniques and novel materials to develop interactive wearable interfaces with the capability of manipulating environmental energies toward a sustainable and pervasive energy future: wearable energy harvesting and storage, wearable active personal thermal management, and wearable self-powered autonomous textile body area networks and Internet-connected clothing.


The research thrusts include fundamental materials innovations and advanced device design, as well as system integration toward the next wave of interactive wearables and Internet-connected smart textiles, helping move the world to a more sustainable and intelligent future. Research cooperation is highly welcomed to combine the positive attributes of each technology to open up new possibilities. Our lab will be actively looking for collaboration opportunities with faculty members having expertise on novel materials synthesis and characterization, advanced manufacturing, energy harvesting/storage, sensors, textile technologies, biomedical analytics, bionics, bioelectronics, MEMS, circuit design, signal processing, and even visual design from Bioengineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics programs.

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